Unable to create filled region

Hey everyone!

My purpose is to create a filled region based on a room boundary. It properly creates by default dynamo’s Rectangle node. But when i put room boundaries converted to curves (as well as lines from rectangle) i don’t even have an exception, Revit just crashes and freezes for ever.

The scale of boundaries is almostely similar
Tested on several documents. Revit version 2020.2.2

Any help apreciated :smiley:

Seems to work alright

If you still have trouble please post (or provide link) your Dynamo file and a light (purged) Revit file.

Nah, it’s all the same >.<

Filled_regions_by_room_boundary.dyn (26.1 KB) filled_region.rvt (792 KB)

Complete it’s run almost instantly for me.

Made some changes though. …

Filled_regions_by_room_boundary.dyn (40.9 KB)


hahah this is the kind of magic! :dizzy:

I’ve been trying to make the same yesterday all night long on 3 different machines and had the same result :smiley: But now it works properly!
Thank you

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