Not all parameters available in Dynamo?

Hi there all

I have run into a problem I cant figure out.

I have made a graph, that copies all information from one parameter to another. But now Dynamo says, that the parameter in Revit does not exist…? but it does…

So I tried retrieving all available parameters from an element in the model, but Dynamo does not read all parameters from Revit, can anyone please tell me why that is…?

Here is what Dynamo Reads:

But here is the parameters in Revit, and I need the blue parameters?

Tilgængelige prametre i Revit

Any ideas?

In the first instance check that the parameters you want are on the right element.

This is because the element parameters are on the 3d elements then the blue ones could be project/site ones so you therefore need to get that element to see them.

The other is that the blue box parameters could be type parameters and not on the relevant instance of the element therefore get the family type them get parameters to see these.

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Hi there Brendan

Thanks for the reply.

The selected element has the parameters in the blue box assigned as well. But after more investegation, I can see that dynamo only reads all the Instance parameters, but not the type ones…?

Technically the instance does not hold these parameters because the parameters are part of the family therefore you have to get the family type parameters.

Cannot remember the node but there might be a not for get family type parameters(could be in a package though i cannot remember which), if not get the family type from your element then get the parameters of that.

You’ll need to get the Family Type from the Instance and then get the parameters from the Family Type.

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