Dynamo cant recognise family shared parameters but i am able to schedule it

i have a parameter that dynamo cannot access for some reason. the parameter is clearly in the project as i am using it in scheduling (BM-PIN) see image, but no dynamo node can access the parameter name or value for the highlighted family. using get.parmeter.valuebyname yields null and element.parameters shows that dynamo is not even recognizing it. the node dosent display BM-PIN. how do i get dynamo to recognize this parameter.

here is the dynamo result when trying to get the parameter value and all of the parameter names of the family,

@ccherryWY7LZ , hi

You have to filter differently. You have to collect ElementTypes insteat of Elements.

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@Draxl_Andreas tired that but still getting a weird traceback error

Try using the standard GetElementParameterValueByName node with the FamilyType from Element Type. There may be something else going on with the custom nodes that’s failing. I’d recommend pulling them apart to troubleshoot separately.

@Nick_Boyts after some more digging i was able to get my script to work using the “Elements.GetParameterValueByNameOrInstance” from Rhythm packacges.
This node i found can pull the parameter value regardless of weather it is an instance or specified as a type parameter for my families. my script is now worrking as intended and can access the parameter value regardless.


This basically confirms my thought that the issue was with the custom nodes you were using and not the workflow. The core node would likely have worked too.