Filtering family parameters by either type or instance

I was wondering if there was a a way to filter type and instance parameters from a family in Dynamo.

i.e. If there is a node where you can input a Revit family and input different instance and type parameters of that family. And then for the node to return true or false values as to whether or not the input parameters are type parameters.

ie if I had a structural column family and put in the following parameters it would return :

Mark (instance para) - would return: flase.

Material Grade (Type para)- would return: true value

I know archilab has a similar node ‘return type parameter’ or something. But it doesnt quite do what I’m looking for.

If anyone has come accross a node like this or similar it would be a great help

Thanks again

I think you can get the instance parameters from family instances and type parameters from the family types. Is not that correct? That would require placing a family instance in your project, and working with it, instead of tapping into the family itself.