Get the family parameters using dynamo

Hi, everyone. I am new to Dynamo.

I would like to get the parameter of family.

However, I found that the parameters of family was different from the parameters of element that I load the same family into project view.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Edan and welcome.

This is because at the top 2 nodes you get the “Instance Parameters” of the selected element.

At the bottom you have the “Family Type” of this “Family Instance”, so you will get the “Type Parameters”

All object which are actually placed in Revit are called “Instances”, this can by placed Families (FamiliesInstances in Dynamo), Floors, Walls etc.

All those “Instances” have a “Type”, these are Family Types, Floor Types, Wall Types etc.

When using Element.Parameters on the Instances, you will get the Instance parameters.

When using Element.Parameters on the Type, you will get the Type parameters.

Oh, I see! Thank you very much!
Btw, can I get the instance parameters of the family without placing in revit?

I think you can, but you would need to use Python or a Custom node.


Think Clockwork can help…

Do you have any idea which custom node should be used?
I find some suggested archi-lab package but I don’t know which node should be used.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your suggestion.
However, I don’t understand how those two code block used.
Would you like to explain more?