Instance Parameter & Viewing problem

Hey Guys, I am trying to see all the instance parameters in the family so I can select one, even though I found someone who was talking about it, and yet some nodes weren’t available in my Dynamo 2.0.3 , so if someone can guide me through that would be perfect
I didn’t post the script, since I have zoomed out but couldn’t zoom in again , can someone also help me with that ,

Right click the canvas and go to zoom to fit

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Thank you for the reply
yes i have used this node , but can you please guide me how to zoom extents to see all my inserted nodes in the script

Thank you

åhhh sorry think i misunderstand :wink:


I still need that too, i will share it here since now I can see the nodes I have inserted

some missing Instance parameters , since I need to select the following parameter


allright how about this here then :wink:

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Great I kept looking for the same node as you have (All Elements of family type)
But I found from my side this one

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Nice …yes there are many ways in Dynamo;)

So True :+1:

in case i need to select a specific parameter from the list , what do you advice me to use?

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oh ok great , I was thinking of using list.filterbybooleanMask , but It didn’t work so well

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Please what do you think i missed there?

Feed in your element instead of your parameter