Nonica Beta Edition v1.0 Dynamo Scripts to Revit Buttons

We are pleased to announce the release of #Nonica Beta Edition v1.0 for FREE.

With our simple tool, you will be able to integrate 3 Dynamo Scripts into your Revit toolbar. You only need to drag and drop your Dynamo Scripts into our folder to easily integrate them into your Revit toolbar.

Check it out at !


@jaialcan will it work for Civil 3D dynamo scripts?

I don´t think so. Nonica has been developed using Revit API.

We tested it with Revit v2020 and Dynamo v2.3.

HI jaialcan Can it work on revit 2019 ?

Not meaning to brag but Orkestra does it also… and a lot more things :slight_smile:

Might be worth to mention this here too:


I have not tested it in Revit 2019. However, in Revit 2020 and 2021 works fine. Could you give it a try and let us know?.

True! As far as I know you also need to pay monthly to have Orkestra.

I tray in 2019 it does not appear on 2020 find on analyze tab its normal ? ![image|690x65]

Yes, Nonica appears. You can find the three buttons at the top right.

It will be great on modify tab. when I’m selecting elements and need script to use it take less time to find

Thanks for your reply. Revit API is limited and only allows to create supported buttons in Analyze and AddIns Tab apart from creating a new one. I am sorry but this is all I can do for the moment.

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You could try mapping a keyboard shortcut to any given button to speed things up even faster than adding to the modify tab - info here: CreateAddInCommandBinding Method