Node works in one version of dynamo but not another

I have an odd issue with the data shapes package. I do not think this is something that data-shapes is doing but more my dynamo. In revit 2020 and 2021 the node in question works. In 2021 the node does not work.

This is only an issue my machine is having. Others in my firm do not have an issue with this node.

I do not think this is an data shapes issue but something is off with my dynamo. I have un-installed and re-installed revit and dynamo for 2021 with the same problem.

Any help is appreciated.

I believe the warning you get in the graph workspace explains the issue a little better, but this is from a change in Dynamo versions. You can no longer have variables with names matching existing Dynamo classes. CategoryFilter is already a class (you can tell by the green), so you need to change the variable name to something else.


By the looks of it you are on a different version of Datashapes. Makes sure you’re updated and current. :slight_smile:

@Nick_Boyts Your exactly correct. Problem is I am the only user with this issue. Others who have the same node and version do not have this issue.

@JacobSmall But users who have the same version as me does not have the issue. I am the only one with the problem. Other users can use the node and script where the nodes is used just fine.

Grab a screenshot of the list of installed packages for yourself and one of the users for who it is working.

Also check what notifications you have in Dynamo (green ! at the top of the screen), and address any which are related to Data shapes.

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Either way, the input still needs to be fixed. I agree with Jacob that you should probably dig into why it’s not happening for all users, but once you rename the variable it should work for everyone.


I think you need to change CategoryName to something that is not reserved like categoryName

The node was erroring because of another package that was installed. Once I narrowed it down to that I uninstalled and the node was working again. Thanks for all your help.