Data Shapes Package missing nodes

Got to be just me, but can someone explain why later versions of data shapes nodes only give me these nodes?


Latest version that does work is 2019.2.9.

Looking to upgrade latest version because having weird issue where UI++ pops up twice. And I am convinced its not the RAM thing where it stores true value in node as it happens in dynamo player too.

Using dynamo 1.3

Upgrade your Dynamo Version ??

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can you do that for revit?
and if another revit, which can’t upgrade dynamo, is sript.nodes still compatible?

I am having the same issue and it would be great to get some help on this issue

I think 2019.2.9 is that last one that works for dynamo 1.3

Ive used 2.x on Revit 2019 and can now use latest data shapes nodes.
You may have to install another dynamo version and have two versions as option to use.