Archi-lab & Data Shapes not working

Hi There Guys,

I am trying to get the following to work but some of the nodes have not installed correctly.
What could i be doing wrong?
Please see below snip of the nodes that are not working including installed packages.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my Dynamo & revit versions



I Have just uninstalled Data-shapes and this time round i took notice of popups and this one appeared.

I’m thinking this could be my issue but my Dynamo says it is already updated to the latest version…
Any ideas??

Revit 2019 will support Dynamo 2.0.3. Try upgrading Dynamo to that and see how that works for you.

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Hi Jacob.

As usual your very quick to respond… Thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:

How do i update dynamo when it shows its up to date…



Thankyou Jacob for the version update it works now.

For those who wish to find the update see the following link;

and select your required build version.



I’ve actually been running 2.0.3 on Revit 2019.2 successfully for a while… it wont support 2.1.0 + though

Edit: Misread your post, apologies!

Correct. 2017-2019 all currently ‘cap’ at 2.0.3.

2020 and on will tie the Dynamo build to the Revit build (so you will need to update Revit to update Dynamo and vice versa).