Input Variables Revit 2018 Vs Revit 2021 not working?

Hi, Hope you’re all doing OK!

Can someone help me with this problem that isn’t there in my Revit 2018 version of this graph?

This graph
1-reads three different rvt files in folder
2- Creates a dated folder
3- Produces ifc files with rvt view name

2018 = All good

2021 = Input Error

Node Error. Is there a new way to write this?

Check out this similar topic. It’s just a naming issue.

Previous employees put this together so I’m not sure how to fix it. From what I understood, it doesn’t like having the same names… so probably the var: that it doesn’t like. How can it be written otherwise?
The three directory paths and folder names always change according to the date and selected folder.

The name is what comes first, Directory Path and Folder Name in your case. The variable name cannot include anything that is already a reserved object (the colored words). Easiest thing to do is replace the space with an underscore or shorten the name to something else.

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My issue with the nodes not working in different dynamo versions came down to another package was loading a instance before it was being called or installed by the package I was using. So I uninstalled the package(was just a temp install) and my node worked correctly after that.