Node of type cannot be resolved - Bimorph


Not sure whats happened but i cant seem to get the “sheets.duplcatesheets” node anymore. Cant find the .dyf either after updating. Not sure whats up but its in my installed packages but not on my list. Having same issue with lunchbox package. Using Dynamo 1.3.3. Trying to set dynamo up so I can control everyones packages in the office through mine.


Hi @vanman

Could you go to that BimorphNodes.dll and right click show properties.

I uninstalled everything trying to fix it. Reinstalled to the sever location so everyone can use without any issues hopefully. Anyway, Heres the properties to the same file located on the sever where it downloaded to.

So did this solve your issue?

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na still stuck with bimorph and lunch box nodes not showing up

Go to File import and select dll file see if that helps. After you import dll file restart dynamo.

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It failed, not sure if there should be but theres no dyf files in the package folder if that helps at all


Ok uninstall all the packages restart dynamo and Try installing first lunchbox.

Make sure you delete all custom packages from your User\Appdata\Roaming\Dynamo\1.3\Packages folder. It should be empty before you install lunchbox.

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Should i be installing everything to the sever folder or my local after uninstalling everything?

@vanman Remove other paths and keep only your local path and install packages.

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