Unresolved Node from package

Hi all,

I am trying resolve the node from Lunch box package. At the beginning I have installed the latest version of package but later on I have uninstalled the package and I have installed the older version i.e Lunch box - 2016.11.11 version.

But still I am getting the same error. I have restarted my system after installing it. But still the same error.

Can any one please tell me the solution.

lunchbox package error

Hello @shashank.baganeACM ,

After installing the Lunchbox - 2016.11.11 , can you check whether this package is there in out system or not. if its there then connect then current string with new node

Hi @honeyjain619 It is not showing in the out system.

and If I try to publish it then it will show in the system addons but all the nodes are not loaded.

If I restart my dynamo then it will disappear. I have checked the manage node and package paths and even I have checked show graph dependencies, it is showing me in the green color.

Can you please tell me why it is behaving weirdly ?

The primer has Lunchbox included as a resource (zip file)

  1. download from here: Useful Packages | The Dynamo Primer
  2. Unzip with 7zip preferably. (If not using 7zip be sure to unlock the zip before extracting)
  3. Place in your package folder.