Hi All,

I’m creating ducts within concrete floors. The files typically contain 10s-100s of ducts. The actual geometry is generated by a CSV import. Everything in the routine to create the ducts seems to line up, but for a small group of ducts that report back this particular error. >5%

“Warning: Surface.BySweep operation failed.
Unable to update solid by sweep:
NO_SWEEP_FRAME – cannot calculate sweep frame”

DYN pic below:

I have uploaded the dyn file below, but I am unable to provide a sample csv file. The upload filter on the forum does not provide for them. I would be glad to provide given a method.

ImportDataCSV_020618-NB-NRSRF.dyn (33.0 KB)

Larry H.

Try renaming the file with an additional .txt and then uploading, with specific instructions to remove the extra extension.