New to Dynamo, Need some help with a simple Dynamo Graph

I found a python script on this forum and im trying to get it to work in Revit. I am very new to Dynamo, like 2 days. But been using Revit for around 10 years. We have a tiltle block that we would like to add the Central File name and path. The image i attached show the script working and finds the central file, but my help i need is to get it back into revit as text. Should i create a share pamameter and a general annotation family with label? and then how was i get the out from the script to that.

Sorry for the nooby question
Oh im using Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.2

Since you probably want to have this info on all your sheets it would make sense to store it in a shared parameter in the project information category and modify your title block family accordingly.
Then you can use Dynamo to retrieve the project information object (e.g. using Element Types set to “ProjectInfo” and All Elements of Type) and set the parameter value (using SetParameterByName).