Attaching a PDF and Doc's like heat load calculation,manufacturing specs Revit which has be in Revit from then on

Hello everyone there.I want to create a dynamo file which can help attach a PDF and Doc’s like heat load calculation,manufacturing specs Revit which will be in Revit from then on and will be available in Revit by one click.
Will be awaiting for suggestions

Please explain what you are looking for with more details, illustrations and potential references

Thanks for the response,
I want my revit file of a particular project to act as a data source model this means all my data related to the project from desgin stage (documents like structural load calculations, Architecture data and MEP&FP desgin calculations) to Facility management stage (like equipment spec , Warranty etc) has to be embedded in the revit.

How would you want to do that without Dynamo?

So you want all of the metadata within the file? Do you have a database with all of this in?

I want it to be done using dynamo.But i don’t know how to do this as I am new to dynamo.If you can create a dynamo program for this it will help me solve my problem

Hello Tom,Can u just brief me what do u mean by database?

You will be able to create this graph with some help as soon as you show your first attempts and describe your specific issues. But you will need to see what’s possible in Revit first. Dynamo can only help to automate the process.
Please consider also reading the forum guidelines as soon as possible:

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If I’m understanding correctly, this is something I have set up to link manufacturer’s product data to some of our Revit elements in previous projects. Particularly when pulling together FF&E packages, it can be useful to click a file path link in an element’s properties that would directly open its Product Data PDF file. Here is a simplified step by step of how you might go about this:

  • Create a Shared Parameter and select “URL” for Type of Parameter. Add this parameter to your project and check the Categories you wish to add the parameter to.

  • Set up a directory folder with the documents that you want to link to specific Revit elements. You will want to have something in the file name that will help you to associate it with the Revit element it is associated with.

  • In Dynamo, collect your Revit elements and retrieve the value that you will be using to associate your elements with their respected files, match them up, then set the parameter value for the URL shared parameter as the file path.

In the example below, I have named my files to match the name of the Family Type, but you can choose to associate the elements to their files by a myriad of different ways (i.e. parameter values for Manufacturer or Model No… etc.)

Link Files Sample

This will give you a link in your element’s properties that will open up the associated file. This workflow relies heavily on how your files and folders are organized, and the method you choose to associate the file with its respective Revit element. Hope this helps.

You could essentially use @awilliams’s idea for all your documents by creating a family (or group of families) and filling it with URL parameters for each file. Dynamo could easily add parameters for each document, and even name them accordingly, if you had a directory of all your project documents somewhere. The family itself could be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

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Consider using a workflow like @awilliams has mentioned, but try and do it manually, without the use of dynamo, first. If you don’t know how to do it manually, you won’t understand how to do it in dynamo. You also need to keep in mind if the links to PDFs will still work when sending the model to clients (file structure etc…).

Also have a look at NBS for connecting data into your revit project.

As @Yna_Db has mentioned, please show any attempts.