How to input or change text (label) into existing project parameter(s) of a title block

Hello all,

I am trying to adjust the input of the text labels in the title block. These are specified as project parameters and shared parameters.

As can be seen I can find out the project parameters but I am unable to connect them to the nodes ‘Element.GetParameterValueByName’ or ‘Element.SetParameterValueByName’ as parameter name. He does not recognize the project parameters like this.

Can someone please tell me how to adjust the input / value of the title block?

TITLE BLOCK(family):
TITLE BLOCK(output):

Those parameters might be found in the Project Information category, can you check that?

It doesn’t look like it…

Only ‘PR_DESCRIPTION’ can be found here

Can you check what boxes are ticked for categories in the Project Parameters for those like DW_INITIALS? and check what type of parameter it is (instance or type)


Only the category ‘sheets’ is ticked in the project parameters and all are Instance parameters (and shared parameters).

That looks to be ok.
When you try to set a parameter, keep in mind that it is case sensitive.
Can you show me the graph where you try to set the parameters, and if an error show up above the node can you tell me what it says?

Apparently he doesn’t see the project parameters as parameters …

In the above watch node in line 4 you can see clearly the same parameter…

Your are trying to set the parameter of a Sheet but are giving it the parameter element. Make sure the elements input in the Setparameter Node are the Sheet element.

In the Elements.SetParameterValueByNames you are feeding in the parameters of the Sheet instead of Sheets themselves
After the Categories node use the All elements of category node, then set the parameters.


Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus and @Bjorn_Keulemans1

This will do the job!

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Somehow it does only work with the parameter: ‘PR_DESCRIPTION’
probably because this is the only one known in the project information…

When I for instance use PR_CUSTOM_1 as parameter to edit the project number it tells me this parameter is unknown…

Parameters in Project Information can be typed in directly (no dynamo needed) that will save you the time of creating a graph for it, once set, its project wide.
If you run into problems, post the graph itself, the dynamo portion of what you are doing.

Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus,

I set up a number of automations for future projects, so I (or my colleagues) don’t want to have to make manual adjustments in Revit myself. In the following graph you can see how I try to add the category ‘Project Information’ to the project parameters.

Each time he indicates that parameter type is not correct.

Do you have any idea how this is possible?

I think the Group should be in capitals
Also, use the search button in the top right on the forum, this has been solved before

Thank you so much for your contribution on this issue!

Somehow with a code block, the messege of invalid paramater type is gone… :thinking:
But now the next error pups up:

As you suggested I searched the forum about this issue and found this topic…
But I’m not sure what it means.

THey say that the Orchid node is looking for a SP-file within Revit instead of Dynamo. But should I find a file path first? I’m not sure…

I’m not sure, but i think it will read your Revit settings.

I think I used the wrong input because now it’s working all fine…

I marked it as solved.

Thank you very much for your support @Marcel_Rijsmus

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