New Functionality in Pre-Release builds

Dear Dynamo community.

New toys for you in the Pre-Release builds of Dynamo! We are working towards a new stable release and have a lot of things for you to consider. As usual, we are striving to build out new and improved functionality, while preserving the work and time you have already invested. So, ahead of release, we would love it if you would come and take a look and give us your honest feedback on a number of specific changes around Library UI, Special Character handling (Unicode), and Custom Node improvements, available in DynamoInstall0.7.6.20150209T0856.exe and later builds.

For some more details, check out this blog post.

Please add comments here.

Can it run in parallel w/current release (I have, or we have to uninstall that previous to install this latest built?

thanks for your work.

Does this include the new units functionality Ian mentioned last week?

Afraid it will not run in parallel with the older release. One at a time. You can always reinstall the older version though.

The new Units functionality is not in yet, but soon.

does it fix the image export bug?

I’m pretty new to Dynamo, so this might be a stupid question, but after downloading the new build, some old simple nodes I had that were working (Curve.Offset, for example) aren’t working anymore and are coming up with an error message saying “Warning: Dereferencing a non-pointer.” I reloaded all the references, and it’s still coming up with these errors.

Am I doing something wrong?

Looks a bit strange, but Cool!!! Thanks.

Hello Paul Wintour,

It has not included Image Export bug.


Hello Marissa Zane,

I am not getting that error at my side. Could you please share your file.




this is just my personal opinions, but you asked for it:

  1. I would like the search function to search in the built in nodes first and custom nodes second. (If i for instance search for “” then “DetailLine.ByCurveAndView” shows up from the DEV package)

  2. In my head it made sense when the libraries in the left panel showed built in libraries first and then custom libraries.

  3. I don’t know if icons is necessary on other items than the nodes themselves? (I mean if you don’t know what an circle is, then you probably should be makin’ one?) I think the left panel can be a bit confusing now, especially when you throw the action/query buttons in it as well. See below example from the clockwork node: I don’t think the Surface Analysis Data needs to be a button. It could be a “folder” just like Analyze and Data types. see also the Revit folder where “Families” “Selection” and “View” are “iconized” while the other items are folders like in earlier builds. I think this can be distracting for both new and experienced users.

Other than that, very nice with support for special characters and the input definition!

First off, these are some really nice improvements.

I fully agree with the first two points Jostein made.
It might even make sense to have a small space between the built-in categories and the custom ones. And I’ll also tell you why: When teaching a beginner’s class, students usually do not have any custom nodes installed. So for them it would be quite disorienting to see a different menu structure in the projected image as compared to what’s on their screen. The same goes for video tutorials, I guess. (Also, in Revit, the addins always come behind the built-in toolset…)

Regarding the third point Jostein makes:
Personally, I like the fact that there are icons for each subcategory like points, UVs etc.
It seems like categories and subcategories are displayed differently depending on how deep their children are nested. If you look at the Geometry category, for example, the last subcategory (Tesselation) is displayed as an expandable list whereas everything else is displayed as an icon. I can see this making sense in a lot of ways, but I also find it a bit confusing. Don’t know if there’s a way around this, though.

Some other random observations on the new library:

The library view looks much cleaner now. I like the new condensed look - there’s a lot more space now for custom categories.

I like the fact that the categories are now organized alphabetically.

As already requested on GitHub (, you should provide package authors with an easy way of providing custom icons for their packages (for custom nodes as well as for custom categories).

It would also be nice to be able to turn icons off altogether (View or Settings menu).

This is not per se related to the new library, but: When browsing through the library, I realized how many built-in nodes lack a description. This is something you should definitely put some work into. Especially for new users those node descriptions are essential.

One thing I liked about the old library view is that items that only had one child would always expand directly (the Office category is a good example - clicking on Office would also directly open the Excel subcategory). It would be nice if that could be brought back.

Oh, and I really, really like the fact that you are labeling custom categories that are named Create, Actions and Query just like in the built-in categories.

  1. I’m going to echo Andreas and Jostein with regards to the built-in vs custom node arrangement within the panel. The Built-ins should be separated out from custom node as they are in 0.7.5.

  2. The icons for non-nodes (folders/subcategories) just take up too much real-estate on the panel and the end result is that you have less nodes showing at any given time, which equals more scrolling.

  3. Personally, I do not like the alphabetical organization of the libraries. I found that I quickly got used to where things were in the library and always looked for new tools “at the bottom”, and if every time I install a new package the library is going to re-organize itself, I will find that maddening. Perhaps have options for Alphabetical and Chronological sorting?


It would also be nice to be able to turn icons off altogether (View or Settings menu).



built-in nodes lack a description. This is something you should definitely put some work into. Especially for new users those node descriptions are essential.
Yes, yes, especially what kind of input the node demands. For a relatively unexperienced user as myself, there's a lot of trial and error in figuring out exactly what kind of input anode wants: does it want a vector or a point, does it want a family type or an instance?


The New icons look great! I think it is funny people would choose to turn off the icons. I would rather like to show both in the title. This would be a step ahead of GH for me. I feel it make for explaining your workflow better.Dynamo Icons

I would 100% agree with Shaun’s suggestion about having the icon in the nodes as well. As someone who has just started to dabble in Dynamo, it’s a bit rough figuring out what’s going on and graphics would make a phenomenal difference.


Great idea to have the icons in the nodes, too

Hello <span class=“author-link”>Zach Kron </span>

Great news about the “Special Character” Æ

There are still some problems writing from Dynamo back to Revit using Æ within a string.




I really love these new icons, because it helps to find nodes.

I just want to tell that i noticed that (at the moment) it is easier to use Dynamo in vertical screen… then i can see all of the panels and nodes.

I would also like to have possibility to easily relocate already placed nodes from the list.

Waiting for missing icons!



screenshot.2015-02-18 18.40.42


i have a idea from Unreal Engine 4 Blue print,

  1. Different data type give them a Special color for the node/point(in)/line(out)

  2. Debug function.

  3. Add Reroute Node option

you can find the example reference and more at Unreal Engine 4 Documentation.


There is only one BIG thing that bothers me. The whole experience of using Dynamo feels “clunky”. I am comparing it to how smooth navigating Grasshopper feels. When searching there is just a bit of lag, trying to move a node around on canvas - sometimes they get stuck, zooming in and out and panning around - doesn’t feel like its flawless. I am not sure if its just my experience, but Dynamo feels like there is lag with every operation that i do. I understand that you are focusing on new features and all, but it would be nice to take a step back and make sure that the experience of being in Dynamo, using Dynamo is as seamless as possible.

The new UI is great. I am not a fan of having the geometry shoved in my face, so I am not sure about the geometry icons being up there on the start. Also, when searching, and I type in “watch” then drop a watch node on the canvas it doesnt reset the search field. That means that the watch node still hovers there, and now with that new menu that opens up it sometimes gets stuck out there taking over more and more of the real estate. Speaking of real estate. That whole drop down menu and all those sub categories (action, query) is so annoying sometimes. I hate to bring up Grasshopper, but what they have with the tabs and a quick search means that I have more screen real estate for my graph and quick access to all tools. I have been using Dynamo for so long and still don’t know where to find some of the nodes. I don’t think its a crime to imitate a system that works. I don’t remember anyone complaining about user experience in Grasshopper.

Finally, custom nodes would be nice with icons too. Python editing experience is still pretty bad. How much time am I wasting having to close python and run the graph every time I want to debug. :frowning:

Now, I can get the double byte parameter value and select double byte family type name without error in this build.





Thank you so much. I cannot wait to release this.