Dynamo Core 2.16 Release

Hello Dynamites!

We are excited today to release Dynamo Core 2.16 out into the wild! :deciduous_tree: :lion: :monkey_face: :elephant: A huge shout-out to @helena.wahlstrom for writing this one to bring you all the good things it contains :raised_hands:

Dynamo 2.16 brings powerful improvements to polycurves, helps you stay up to date with the latest Dynamo news with the Notification Center, and introduces a new Custom Selection node. It enables you to work faster and more seamlessly with groups, wires, and Watch nodes, and adds polish and improvements to the Graph Node Manager. We’ve added detailed error reporting and a safer Package Manager experience. As always, we’ve also taken performance up a notch, with boosts to workspace references, Package Manager, and Graph Node Manager + custom nodes.

As always, there is a lot more too, so come get your hands on it , give it a spin, read the blog post and let us know what you think! :raised_hands:

Dynamo Core 2.16 Blog post: Dynamo Core 2.16 Release - Dynamo BIM

Previous few release blog posts:


Killin’ it! Go team :muscle:


You had me at oriented bounding boxes.

It would we be cool to see a bounding box aligned to plane as well, so the user can choose the orientation manually if they need vs rely on Dynamo’s understanding of that rotation.


Thats a good shout - let me talk to the team :grin:


If they need a reference of how this could look, the bounding box node from Grasshopper is a good example. It has geometry/plane inputs (with plane giving implied rotation in XYZ aspects), then the output is the BB. There is also an option for ‘Union box’ which is a valuable idea also - effectively the bounding box of multiple objects, or the total bounding box of their bounding boxes.

I believe I discussed BB by coordinate system at one point, which I believe would be oh so slightly faster than planes due to the rendering complexity (planes have transparency, coordinate systems do not) and class inheritance. Would that work just as well?


Yep that works too given it has an axis and origin.

Actually now that I think about it… bounding boxes already have a coordinate system property, as I described here: Get Walls inside BoundingBox (Python) - #11 by JacobSmall

So it’s likely we’ll have a constructor natively (I can’t test/confirm yet), and if not we can use an already existing hidden method (which previously didn’t work unless you used the identity coordinate system) to generate content for a bit.


Let me know how you go :smiley: Then we can take it from there.

Oriented bounding boxes?!?!

Somebody pinch me…