[New Feature in Dynamo 2.7] Select any geometry to highlight the node that created it

Along with the improved graphics performance with the upgrade to the Helix graphics library in Dynamo 2.7 we have added the ability to select geometry in the background preview and highlight the corresponding node in the graph view. This has been a long-standing request from many of our users and we are excited that we are finally releasing this feature (in a modest way for the time being).

If users find this useful, we would be open to any suggestions people might have about making the node highlight more obvious or this feature, in general, more discoverable.

Notice at the end of the gif (before it cycles back), that switching back to the graph view shows the corresponding node that produced the selected weave as highlighted:

For those who are interested in seeing how this basket-weave pattern was generated in Dynamo, here is the graph for free - no packages! :slight_smile:
Basket3.dyn (265.9 KB)


Technically not new :wink: This was possible back in one of the old builds (maybe around 0.9) but Ian disabled it due to the poor performance. Now with the new Helix version, it’s back!

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Yes, that is true. The intention of this post was not to mislead users in any way, simply to make them aware of the feature so that we can get some feedback on the performance and utility of it, which is why we have not advertised it in a big way. Nor is it very intrusive that it will get in the way of user workflows if there are any pending issues with it.At least we hope not.

I cannot remember if we actually released the feature in 0.9 or simply released it for a brief period in daily builds before pulling it out due to performance reasons. In any case, the point here is that we have solved a number of issues related to its initial implementation and together with the latest release of Helix toolkit, we can leverage performance improvements that makes this possible. Since it is being “re-introduced” (which would be “technically” correct) after many years and many versions later, for practical reasons it could still be considered a new feature for many users.

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