A selected geometry (a item in a list) are not highlighted

In Revit 2021 (Dynamo Core 2.5.0) Dynamo, Highlighting of selected items in the list works well.

But Some versions do not. ( Revit2020, Sandbox 2.13, Sandbox 2.15 …)

Could you please check this Issue?
Thanks Dynamo Team! :slight_smile:

Revit2021의 하이라이트표시기능 테스트

Sandbox 2.15_Highlighting Test


Really missing this feature too!
@solamour, maybe there’s hidden option somewhere in settings files?

This shouldn’t be broken as we didn’t upgrade Helix that would affect the background, but we can investigate :slight_smile:

@Aaron_Tang @Michael_Kirschner2 could we please take a look at the above?


helix was upgraded in Dynamo 2.7 - so probably related to that.

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See if Isolate Selected Geometry is disabled/enabled in the settings.

CTRL + I I think is the shortcut.

As you can see the video above, regardless isolate mode this issue occur. @jacob.small

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@jacob.small, we can’t see geometry selected in sublist in Isolate Selected Geometry mode in Dynamo above ver 2.04.
There was very handy to see one line of a Room’s boundary for example, just selecting it in sublist. All was hidden but only selection in sublist was seen in modelspace.
Now we just see it’s index in Dynamo’s modelspace (and indices are indicated unstable too comparing to 2.04 ver. in Revit 2019). Thank you!

@solamour, can you check, if it can be sloved, please?

Sol’s out on paternity leave, but I’ve flagged the development team already. No timeline on a fix but they’re aware.