Dynamo 0.8.1, preview not working for some nodes with points

I’m trying to figure out how come that in some cases the preview of geometry in the Dynamo canvas doesn’t highlight when selecting the appropriate node, as for instance in the example in attachment. I have three computers with three different setups, which give the problems. Though there are cases where it should work. Anyone who would like to test this file in attachment and see if the highlighting works? Particularly with the Geometry.Translate nodes.


The Dynamo file:


The problem is mostly similar to this


Hello Dieter Vermeulen,

Which build are you using?

On latest release of 0.8.1, it is working fine on my side. (It a Windows laptop.)




If I select the 4 indicated nodes like shown below, it should highlight all the points. In my case only some of the top row and the bottom arc point are highlighted.
Any ideas on this?


Dieter - which build of Dynamo are you using?

This problem occurs in the official 0.8.1 build.