Ability to select geometry in 3d preview (v0.9)

Did this functionality go away?

Hi Justin,

It is available make sure you have activated preview in your geometry.


Direct Manipulation?

Perhaps I need to clarify-

In previous builds (0.8.2), there was the ability to lmc to select geometry in 3d preview mode. The corresponding nodes that are generating that geometry would then be highlighted in the graph view. This was a huge time saver when troubleshooting complex graphs…


Direct Manipulation looks amazing. Yes, please.

Hi Justin

After the short time that we had this functionality (only in 0.8.2) it was disabled because it had incredibly bad performance. For instance, if you had a grid of 10x10 spheres, there was the potential that it had to look at every face of every sphere to test intersection with the pick ray. The result was that you would click and then wait several seconds with the UI locked. To make it more performant would require investing in a graphics component that we ultimately don’t want to have so much reliance on. We will return to this experiment, but there are a number of other thing (like direct manipulation) that we need to pursue first.