Selection of Dynamo geometries by mouse cursor!

What about if we could select our created dynamo geometries with a mouse! In node or graph preview, we can select the node/s with a cursor or rectangular selection…but we can’t select our created geometries in the background 3d preview. Though by selecting nodes related to the geometries could select those, or after importing in Revit, we could select, but if we could select directly by the cursor, and a list could be generated of that selection… that eventually might be interesting and could enhance our design process!

This is already doable. Make sure you hide geometry preview upstream and only preview the initial geometry or you may have the upstream geometry interfering with your selection. You also have to have nodes which can serve as inputs to control things this way (meaning number nodes, and number sliders, but not functions like ranges or code blocks).

Have a look at this recording to see it in action.

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@ JacobSmall
Wow, i learned from you! Thank you so much.

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