Preview Background in Dynamo

For those of you who have tried it, can you share your feelings about the "Preview Background" feature? This is the view state that shows all the graph generated geometry behind the graph. Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Improvements?


Hi Zach, having some trouble viewing my 3d surface in the newest beta version of Dynamo. I've created a surface, used the Select Face node to select it, gone to View>Background 3D Preview>Showing Background 3D Preview to view it and I cant find it. I've zoomed in and really far out but it doesn't display. I've even tried finding node by ID.

Is this an issue other users are having? I want to say I love it, but it aint workin'.

Hello Zach,

it is usefull so it would be good to keep it in the latest versions

Didn't know that.

This thread is becoming more and more educational... ;-)

Preview on/off used to work for background . . . looks like there is a regression. If you use the cntrl G toggle to activate background navigation, you can get the same right click>Zoom to fit as Watch 3d.

Only selected objects are visible in the background preview.

Use one of the following nodes for that:

  • Select Face

  • Select Curve

  • Select XYZ on Element

There are more nodes for selection, but these are the only ones that I am aware of that will display geometry within Dynamo.

Personally, I prefer to use the Watch 3D node because it gives me more control (Preview Upstream on/off & Zoom to fit).

Being a beginner I Like the View Background option – quick question. How do I see the existing geometry in the background?

Sweetness, instant love affair!

PS: Noticed an issue with the preview background, sending you a video link by email.

Funny you should mention that. Hold down the <esc> key

Like it, want to love it though. It would be great if one could assign a keystroke to hold down to pan and orbit without having to “activate” the background. This would be more fluid. For example hold Ctrl and pan the background, let go Ctrl and pan the workspace etc. Similarly, maybe press and hold a button to temporarily hide the workspace or dim it so the preview background is less cluttered by the graph.