Network Drive issue with Read from Excel node

I’ve noticed an error when using the Excel.ReadFromFile when working with Network Drives and I’d be grateful if someone could maybe try and recreate it.

For me the problem occurs when the .dyn file and the .xls file reside on different drives. I get a ‘file path not found error’ on the Excel node. If they reside on the same drive no problem…

I can get around the problem easy enough but it was a bit annoying trying to figure out what the issue was and it would be good to know if it’s a general issue or specific to my machine.



Hi Keith,

It happens when you don’t have access to network drive/folder. I suggest you report this issue to your IT Team so that they can provide you access to the excel file/folder. Good Luck!

It’s not an IT access issue - I have full access and can read and write as required but for some reason I’m getting an error with this specific node. If I move all the files to the same drive it’s fine - any drive.

Been a while since I’ve dealt with networking issues.
However, a hunch … Assuming you’re accessing the file through a mapped network drive on your system, try accessing it with the full network path.

I’ll give that a try. Cheers.

hmm… okay, this is interesting. If I used a codeblock with the normal networked drive filepath e.g. U:\BS9999\Test file.xlsx, it works fine but the same path in the ‘Filepath’ node fails…

If you think it is an issue, might as well report it here
Include screenshots in your report.

@Keith_Wilkinson1 When accessing the file using the FilePath node, you took the same route as in the code block, right?

Yes they are identical.

I have also had this issue… actually use watch node on the string coming out, I bet there is a url encoded string in there - the space in your path probably becomes %20%… is this path on a mac or linux share?

Try getting rid of the space, or hardcoding the path using a string you type yourself… you could of course process this path using python or something, not ideal I know, please file a bug on github if this is the issue.