Problems importing an excel file


I’ve been trying to import an excel file and so far i can’t.



Warning: Excel.ReadFromFile operation failed.
No worksheet matches the given string.
Parameter name: sheetName


remove the File.FromPath node. for writing you don’t need it

I already did that and still don’t work…

sorry, my error, thought you were importing.

sorry again.

most probably the sheet does not exist in excel

Usually it’s “Sheet 1”, with a space. :slight_smile:

Hi Anta,

Use the node “File Path” (Core>File>Input> File Path) and browse for your file that way, then connect it to the “File.FromPath”. Additionally, check that your sheet name you are referencing is correct, if it looks right but still does not work, I suggest changing the sheet name to something else.



I am having the same issue. I set up the string to run to create and excel file and now trying to reimport the data i added. Well the out part worked just fine, but now it won’t read the excel file it created no matter what. I’ve checked sheet name, renamed the sheet on the out and in and no luck. I must be missing something. Any help is appreciated. Might be a rookie mistake since I’m still new to this! Thank you!Excel OUT





Excel IN

Hi Melissa,

Please try adding the node “File.FromPath” between the “File Path” and “Excel.ReadFromFile” node.


Hello Melissa Stewart,

Sorry for the confusion, I will try to get it fix. (MAGN-63065 logged for the same)

Actually Excel>ReadFromFile and Excel.WriteToFile should directly work with File Path node.

Hello Danny Nguyen and Peter Kompolschek,

Thanks for providing solutions.



Brilliant! I knew I was doing something silly. Thank you SO much!