Data|Shapes ui.filepath and Excel.readfrom file issue

Evening all,
Working with Data|shapes UI.FilePath Data node and UI.MultipleInputForm ++ to give user interface to select file from HD. then pass to Excel.ReadFromFile node.
However it gives an error of incorrect input types, as the file path is not being read as a var. The file path out of the UI.MultipleInputsForm++ is in a list so i have tried to use GetItemAtIndex to exctract, but this doesnt work.

It all works OK, using the dynamo nodes to do the same, but I require the UI dialog so user can select from dir on HD.

See screen grab of what i am doing in test senario,

Any ideas of what i need to do to get the input format correct to read the file using Data|shapes nodes.

Many thanks

Hi Steve,

I’m pretty sure Excel.ReadFromFile takes a file object as input NOT a filepath. You probably need a File.FromPath node between List.GetItemAtIndex and Excel.ReadFromFile

Hope that helps

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Hi @smusitano @Dharman

@smusitano Your feeding xml file to Excel.Read node where actually the input should be xlsx.

Perfect, not sure why i missed that… long day, late night :slight_smile: !!
I had it in the original script, but before the List.GetItemAtIndex node. Found the issue to be actually be duplicate List.GetItemAtIndex node on top of each other, one with inputs no output and the other with outputs no input. ahhhhhh

Thanks all sorted now

Yes, you are correct Kulkul, I am reading an XML. Excel formats them very nicely to extract info very easily.:grinning: