Needing help with applying filled regions to a selection of rooms

So what if I want to apply a filled region pattern to a selection of picked multiple rooms using this graph: ?

After running this graph it works as I thought, however, if I try to run it on another selection group of rooms, it removes the previous hatches and then applies the new process to my new selection. I see a Node from The RHYTHM package called Pick Model Elements…but cannot seem seem to get it to work…

Hi @Dave_Vaughn

You need to use Dynamo Player for this. I had a similar problem and i run through dynamo player script and it works. Remember you need to keep pick model elements in your graph to run in Dynamo Player. Good Luck!

Ok…but if I have the user run it in the player…they have no control over the filled region that they want to apply to the rooms! How can I get that wired up so that they can pick it from a list or type it into a string?


You need to pick the filled region inside Dynamo script.

@Dave_Vaughn Do you have different filled region for each room?

I got it!
I used a new node from Rhythm (Rhythm.TextBoxInput) <<<GREAT NODE!..see graph pic.:

Yes the user has to assign specific filled regions to multiple rooms in different areas. :slight_smile: “Don’t ask…it’s an unreasonable client!”

Excuse the dumb question but wasn’t this possible with revit color schemes?

Yep, It could have been done also via setting up a color scheme and the critiera…but, this is a fast solution if you don’t want to wire all that up. Run the graph, pick the boxes and hatch and done!

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