Revit Dynamo "filled region"

Code requires Electrical Lighting to place highlighted areas next to exterior walls with windows, curtain walls, etc. Wrote dynamo program that’s draws the square on the floor by window width and height, yet can’t seem to get the filled region to fill the square.

Hi @ddruth6419,

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Can you please share a screenshot of what you have done so far?

Also, I would suggest you look into this solution to create a FilledRegion

this all works till i try to place filled region, then it always gives some error

@ddruth6419 It’s hard to tell what’s happening since we are unable to see your nodes.
Please repost the entire graph by zooming in on one node and use the export as image feature.
Don’t worry, although you are zooming in on one node but the whole graph would be exported.

What’s the error?

Please attach your .dyn file if possible.

Check this out and see if it helps.

thanks, try to get this done