Problem adding filled regions to rooms

I am having trouble getting a graph to run when set to “Automatic”. For some reason if I query a project with the “All Elements of Category” node and feed it into the “Room.FinishBoundary” node, Dynamo and Revit will lock up when trying to add a filled region to those rooms. Strangely, it works if run is set to “Manual”.

This graph works all the time when using the “Pick Model Elements” node from the Rhythm package.

I’d love to be able to have it query every room in a project without having to specify a selection, so what can I do to make this work? I’ve tried getting the element IDs from the rooms and feeding them into the graph that way, but still no luck when set to “Automatic”.

Try getting the rooms in the view instead of all rooms - I believe MEPover has a node for this.

I couldn’t find that node in MEPover, but the Datashapes package had something similar. I was able to get it to work by doing what is shown in the screenshot below. It isn’t quite ideal for my overall goal, but at least it works when set to Automatic.

This node is in the Parametric Monkey Package, it’ll retrieve all “Placed” rooms in your project.

Also, this node from archilab gets rooms via a level.