Need help with input format on Orchid node

Document.LoadFamily (Node)

As you can see the Clockworks node works (but it doesn’t overwrite already loaded families) but, the Orchid one doesn’t with the same input. It give this error “Warning: Document.LoadFamily expects argument type(s) (Document), but was called with (string).”

What I want to do is reload existing families with modified families I saved to a folder. (These are simplified versions of the same families) Compare families currently loaded in file with families in folder.
A New list of found families is created to load from folder location overwriting those already in the file. the file is a nested main family.

Solved my own problem. Used the wrong node. It works. All families updated from folder.

Here is the whole thing just in case someone else is trying to do this.
You will need packages: Archilab, Orchid