(Orchid) Family.FamilyDocument missing in later version, looking for a workaround

I am following a tutorial (Import Revit family data using Dynamo! - YouTube) and towards the end (time stamp 26:30+) the Author indicates to use the Family.FamilyDocument from Orchid to background open a family. This node does not appear in the later / latest versions of Orchid.

I see there is a background open still available for projects, but that doesnt appear to help, the rest of the program is intended to run from an already open project. I also see there is an almost identical named function in the “Revit” library, however the data types are not compatible as the following nodes now also expect “orchid project” documents, no longer looking for a family document type.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

I think it is available as OOTB Node in the library at Revit → Elements → Family → FamilyDocument
Maybe it is another problem in your script. Can you upload the files and show what you have done? And your Dynamo version?

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Sure, except new users cannot upload files apparently… See attached image instead?

I am using Revit 2021, Dynamo 2.06.3.

The core problem though is the OOTB appears to create a “Revit.Application.FamilyDocument” however the Orchid family is expecting a “Orchid.RevitProject.Common.Document” and it fails.

The entire framework for “family” type modification that was used in the 2019 tutorial appears to be AWOL. Similar functions exist, but reading the requirements they need to use families saved outside of a project. I cannot believe they absoultely gutted that ability without something to replace it…Processing: Import In.dyn…

you can use onedrive / googledrive. And you need to open the result preview of the nodes, so we can see what happens more easily. Zoom into your script first and then click on the camera on the top right of Dynamo to make a screenshot

Got it. Well Part 1, the broken part. The rest of the script works (if I manually create the new type so the data can flow into it).

I simply need to find a way to have a dynamo script “Open” a family in a project, create a type, and then close that document. Very easy using the old version of Dynamo. Problematic with the latest issuance (at least from copying the tutorial standpoint…)

Ill try sharing the file from google shortly. I cannot share the project file, but I can share the script.

Jeez, couldnt get the error to show… lets try that again…

Error screen

And here is the Link to Google Drive for the dynamo Script.



Don’t go crazy if its not obvious. I was able to recreate the effect easy enough with Clockwork nodes. But it is aggravating that (apparently) an entire subset of functionality was removed with no apparent real replacement despite having Identical names.

Maybe I’m just missing it. I am not very smart with this stuff.

Hello, I am with the same issue, which node of clockwork did you use it? please