Load family in multiple family files

I want to load a annotation family into multiple revit families but i get this message below with the orchid package. What i’m i doing wrong?

I already change it to this but i still don’t work

For your information, Orchid Documents aren’t compatible with other custom nodes.

To work with Clockwork nodes, use the Applications.OpenDocumentFile node of Rhythm package or replace the LoadFamily of Clockwork with an Orchid node.


@Alban_de_Chasteigner , these are all orchid nodes but it hink i find it. I had a double document.loadFamily in this script. one without a document input in it and one with. I delete one of them and i think it is working now because revit is busy now on the background

The node is expecting a document (given an orchid document), and a string (given a family).

Assuming that an orchid document is an option here and the warning’s language is off, maybe try sending it a path to the family instead of a family element.

For future reference, there are handlers in Rhythm to workaround this. I will be exposing these commands as full nodes in an upcoming release.

#stopMakingProprietaryClassesInDynamo :smirk:


1000% this


I’ve got this far at the moment

The familie is loaded in the families in the directory but in the explorer i don’t see the new data of the revit familie where the loaded familie is in. When i open one family revit shows the next screen:

How can i get the latest version from the family in my explorer without this message

Well, you are loading in the family but you aren’t making an instance of it so you won’t see any changes, just a new family you could place in the project browser. Also you aren’t saving the document, which explains the pop up.

@jacob.small, how can i solve the save issue if you see my script above. I first want to have this working before i go further with placing the family on a certain point and making it a instance. Only the load is for know enough. I want to make this script working step by step.

I have set the boolean op true and got this message now:

I think i found it. Because i had one revit family open to run dynamo in revit. Revit wasn’t able to close that open revit family. When i run the script from a project or without one document open. The script was able to close them all.

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