Using unloaded Families

Good Afternoon All,

Is it at all possible to place a family in the revit model that currently is not loaded,
ie. by stating the file path of the revit family file.

As per the screenshot below, i have an IF statement to choose which manhole family i want to use. However, if it’s possible then i’d prefer to do this via the revit family file location rather than picking it in the list. This is to prevent the dynamo nodes using alternative family types if the ones we really want are not actually loaded into the project?

I’ll keep trying to work this one out in the mean time but any notes you may have would be much appreciated.


Hi Jack,

The Orchid package from @erfajo is perfect for this task

Kind regards,

Amazing thanks for the prompt response.
Unfortunately i won’t be able to test this out today.

Can i just ask how it would deal with a family that is actually already loaded in but might have been updated?

Usually it will come up with “do you want to override the existing family” etc (something to that meaning). Would it automatically just do that or would the box still pop-up in revit?

If it does still pop up in revit then i can see this halting the dynamo workflow.