Load Family Document from DanEDU/Orchid

@erfajo Thanks for the great package tools! Are we going to be getting a load family document like there was in DanEDU? I am not seeing it in the current version of Orchid. I have got a remove formula node that I need to then load the family back into the file to finish the command, currently I have to edit family>reload family to finish removing the formula. Thanks


Hi @H-CDesign2 I do not understand what you’re getting at, the LoadFamily is available in Orchid :slight_smile: (I’m using version 130.0.10 which is the current one from May 3rd)

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hmmm… are you sure you have the 130.0.10 version @Jonathan.Olesen?

In the last version, I joined all the “LoadFamily” nodes under one name. This is an option when you code Zero-Touch nodes. Either you can load multiple families into the current document or you can load multiple families into multiple documents.
At the same time I decided to change the input to strings, and therefore, I moved it to the “File” nodes that in opposite to “FamilyDocuments” nodes that takes document files.


ahh I see what happened, I’m on version 130.0.09 not version 130.0.10 my bad :slight_smile:


I will have to use an old version as I need the revit.db document load block. Thanks

Is that really nessesary? it should be doable to make a graph that handle this. Could you please share you graph?

The intention is to remove formulas in families in the current Revit project, reload those families and then capitalize the contents of the parameters. Everything works as intended with the blocks as shown. I was having issues with the get formula block from orchid as it wasn’t outputting the contents of the formula. I am fairly new to dynamo so still figuring out most of it on the fly.

so what you do is, open the family documents into memory, and do whatever you need. Then you reload the families into the same document once again. for that purpose, I can see I should remake the node.

BUT… Your graph could be simplified very highly, you should reconsider your entire graph. Unfordenetly have you only uploaded the image and not the dyn file, so I cant simplify your graph for you.

I have updated my package at https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo -> version 130.1.0

File Fam LoadFamily (3 nodes).dyn (14.0 KB)


I’ve tried many times to down the Orchid package from GitHub. When trying to do it nativity inside dynamo only version 0.0.1 is available. Even tried the DanEDU one knowing that it is outdated. Downloading, copy & paste, new search path nothing is working. I still just get the Install or Update Orchid node inside my dynamo.
Using Dynamo 2.0.

That’s unfortunately how it is. I am not returning to the package manager site before it includes a GitHub solution. There are also other packages which has chosen this solution, and if you want those packages as well, you need to be able to solve installing from Github.


Thanks for all your great work, my folders often contain sub-folders which I don’t want to load E.G. superceded folders or sub-family folders. However when I run the Directory.ContentsAll with false, it still loads those sub folders. I would be very grateful if there was a way of not including them.



I dont understand it… it works fine at me

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Thanks for the response, on a local path, you’re right, it works fine.

It seems that the fail is over my network, is that the same for you?



nop… that works also…

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very odd, must be something particular to my setup / network, thanks for checking

@erfajo how do i get the Orchid as a package on my computer?


Look at erfajo’s Profile.


All information concerning the Orchid package is located at Github, this goes for the executable installer of the package and for all issues as well. The DanEDU package is deprecated and is not supported anymore!


Any suggestions you to update my families with shared parameters. Batch update?

@erfajo, thanks for explaining this. I was wondering how to use the string inputs. I’m glad that I found this post :slight_smile:

Just one question: can I somehow see how your nodes are made up? I was looking for “edit custom node”, and trying to find the code behind it, but there was no such option. Is there a way that i can study how you made this?