Navisworks to revit

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I am exporting XML file from navisworks and am reading clash points through dynamo, but the clash points is so far from the model anybody can help with this issue. I think I need to multiply by factor but not sure how to do it yet.


If you’re using a metric system then you probably need to multiply by 304.8. Another thing to look out for is the notation of the numbers that come in through the xml file. Navisworks might use the “.” (period) as thousands separator, so that would also mean multipyling by 1000.

After that’s settled you’ll probably run into the problem of the clash point not being in the center of the clashing elements but somewhere on its perimeter (kind of depends on the sort of elements you’re clashing).


I’ve created a workspace to do the same thing for my company. Here is the part of my script for converting the units:

Hope this helps out abit :slight_smile:

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Do i need to check the base point also in navisworks or it should be the same as revit because i noticed some elements in the negative X in revit , but in navisworks in positive X so it’s not about multiplication only, right ?