Navisworks Clashes to Revit

Thought I’d share…

The script places Revit Family instances and populates data according to .xlsx clash report file comming from Navisworks.
Thanks to Aussie BIM Guru for the inspirational video that covers 90% of the script here presented.
I just made some small corrections and additions.

ClashReportNavisworks.dyn (192.7 KB)
GM_ClashMarker.rfa (364 KB)


Great work, I always like when people build upon existing ideas :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

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Just benefitted from rewatching your video @GavinCrump Ahh, shared coordinates… Super helpful :slight_smile:

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Glad it helped!

@ vuk.vukanic

Dear, I would like to understand when I need to rotate/modify the coordinates? I tried the script on a test project, and apparently I don’t even need to rotate the coordinates to get my sphere in the right position. Below I have attached an image of my Shared Coordinates & Project Based Point. I would like to know in which circumstances would we need to rotate/modify the coordinates. Thanks if you can clarify my understanding

There is no need to rotate/change the coordinates in Revit or Navisworks. Since Revit and Dynamo coordinates are not the same, there is a part of the script that translates points from Navis to match Revit coordinates accordingly. It’s explained in the second part of BG video linked above.

If you come across a workflow that gives markers in the wrong position, please let me know, and we will figure it out.

You should avoid changing coordinates in Revit during project creation. I usualy set them by linking the building model in a “master” site model, via shared coordinates.