Suggestion for better organization

I wanted to share a suggestion for improving Dynamo’s ability to organize wires between nodes. I used to work in another program, called Nuke, and it had a function that allowed you to place points along wires between nodes so that you could organize the flow of your “tree”, as it were.

Here’s an example of what brought this to mind:

And here’s an example of what I wish Dynamo could do, so that it could help keep very complicated scripts organized:

What do you guys think about having a feature that would allow you to organize the wires connecting your nodes?


Also . . . If there’s a better place to share feedback about the program itself that would be more productive, feel free to point me in that direction as well. I shared this here because I keep the forum open pretty much all day, haha! I am very interested in seeing what other people think about this idea, or if they’ve had other thoughts that would provide a solution to the problem of keeping things organized.

Very big fan of the community here! Keep it up!

Hi William.
Yes, the Dynamo github site has an “issues” section that you can identify as either improvments or bugs. Have you tried out the “Clean up node layout” button in the Edit menu? It tidies up a graph, usually in a pretty radical way (algorithm is to limit the number of crossing wires, I believe) and will tread Groups as single nodes. You can also clean up the interior of individula groups this way.

Thanks Zach - I’ll post this one there.

I’ve used the Clean Up Node Layout feature, which does help quite a bit. However, I’d like to be able to structure the wires in clean lines, so that other people who are unfamiliar with the code can see directly which node the data feeds into without having to sort through a jumble. Even with the nodes cleaned up, there are still instances where one node will feed data into several different nodes across a script, and in those cases the wires connecting nodes can be particularly confusing to follow.

Another tip… If you would want to, you can go to View-> Connectors -> Connector Type and change these to Polylines. This can help you to clean up layouts a bit too by not getting the curved spaghetti wires, but creating these type of wires:

They unfortunately do not give the option to create more vertices, so going backwards still creates a confusing graph.


Thanks Brian, that’s a big help!

I tend to use codeblocks to achieve this.



Also for any standard input types, you can use these nodes from the Prorubim DS Common Kit package:


The code block is just a . . . node that passes information along, then? Does it work with lists, arrays, etc?

It works with every item or list of items

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