[Poll] Ask for what you need on right side panel

Dear Dynamo users,

I have been putting thoughts on potential new features you would want which dev like me could put in the right side panel. From your day to day work, what kind of control you would be eager to have access while you are working on your DYN at the same time? Here is a small poll for you, kindly vote for the top one or two options in your mind, if you have other ideas, feel free to leave in the comments and I may add them into poll options.


  • Node properties palette where you can view and update node values directly
  • Graph input/output highlight where you can easily tell the input/out nodes
  • DynamoPlayer debugging tool where you can test without switching to the player interface
  • Python node editor where you can edit your python node without launching a different dialog
  • Some data visualizing tool (maybe for excel data) where you can catch live data change
  • Learning content display where you can watch learning content related to your current workflow

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Is it for Revit Dynamo only or for all dynamo installation?

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For all Dynamo installation in my mind but would love to hear from you guys

Aaron, Thanks for asking, the updates your suggesting all sound great! Happy to provide feedback whenever you ask. Looking forward to the demos/release!

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Just throwin’ this out there…

But, it would be really cool to be able to add notes, comments, and branding to the graphs somehow.

Kind of like how grasshopper has, (see below for quick example. I know other take this much further)


A better python editor with intelli sense would be very welcome


How about a favorites tab - add your favorite/most used nodes there (and prioritize them in search).

Not as useful for those of us who’ve been in the game a while but could be very useful for new-ish users.


Anything to help code Python in Dynamo would be a dream.


add metadata in general, author contacts, category, keywords etc.

also something that allows you to search a node by type and “zoom to”, the same for warnings and errors.

A log to capture start and end execution times of each node as well as custom messages for debugging (right click on the node, add custom log message when starting and when ending).


And that would include having your own boiler plate code saved instead of copy-paste from an outside source all the time.

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Regarding the “most used nodes”: Is it possible to use some machine learning tech that suggests the next Node? So you can drag and drop.


This one is cool and available in DynaMonito and Warnamo at this time.


I think all options. something like floating panels. Users can turn on/off any panel that they want (bellow image).
Also it would be great if users can Open / preview more than one graph - at the same time.


Thanks Qilong for creating this poll!

Probably not so much related to the Right panel. . .

I think adding “Relay” as Grasshopper has would be highly beneficial in making scripts tidier in general.

And of course flattening, grafting and reparametrising right there in the node. This would save dynamo users a lot of time.

As for the right panel, I think some analytics about the script would be helpful. Running time bottlenecks per node, suggestions to improve/declutter the graph, all that. Of course it should learn and adapt to a particular user.



Have you seen this post I have messaged much earlier? Call for Feedback on Extensions on Dynamo Right Side Panel. I have prototyped a smart node suggestion extension (an upgrade of current available package the-Saurus) using Machine Learning to try to give user a semi-drag and drop experience. Does that look similar to what you are thinking in mind?

Aaron (Qilong)


Yes, Exactly :grinning:

Searching for nodes is excruciatingly slow on bigger graphs, so a Favorite Node / Bookmarks Bar feature would be much appreciated.


Maybe a search that spits out nodes with a certain input type
so geometry as a search string gives you all nodes that take geometry as input


A copy clipboard for generic node structures so you can save your selection and paste it multiple times