Revit not responding to dynamo

Hello Dynamo,

either my dynamo is not properly installed or i missed out on something fundamental. I think it’s rather the second as get other things to work in dynamo to revit.

I am trying to do one those basic point exercises - a couple of number nodes, sliders linked to a reference point node.

all points show up correctly in dynamo, whereas revit wouldn’t move ???

the show geometry in revit button in dynamo is certainly activated.


any suggestions would be great


thanksno geometry revit

Have you called Revit Geometry? Or associated the Dynamo points with Revit points?

I think we’ll need to see the whole graph

I’m getting the same behaviour as Philipp.

Opening the example “Anatomy of a Definition-Reference Points.dyn”, when the reference point is dynamically created by Dynamo its Z value will not update in Revit.

It’s been a while since I’ve done some Dynamo, so I’m not sure if there is something new I’m now not aware of, or if this is broken.

Ed: In fact, I’ve just tried a simple example from scratch and my point/s still won’t move.

Reply to CHAD smith, and the use of the original “Reference Point_The Anatomy of a Definition.dyn” Having struggled thinking the file didn’t work, it may be simply a matter of zooming closer to the point! in the mass family. At larger distances away from the origin, points are displayed larger then the distance changed in the slider, so you can’t tell its actually working!! Alternatively, change the “max” in the number slider to a larger number like a “1000”

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