Moving the Sheets

I’m trying to move the sheets to be side by side.
How do I get the geometry from the sheets or the title block?
I’ve tried looking through the parameters of each and I’m not seeing anything useful.
I did find the width of 17 units, but how do I get ahold of the sheet and move it over?
Most of the examples I look at are for positioning views on sheets, but how do I move the sheets.
I did a version manually in CAD as an example of what I’m trying to end up with.

Typically there is one title block per sheet in Revit to manage the sheet data through schedules efficiently. With that said I would place one title block on the sheet then just use dyanmo to copy the title blocks.

Here is a thread on copying from links:

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Thank you, that makes sense to me.

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“Geometry” does not exist within sheets or titleblocks as far as I know. Geometry only exists with views. A titleblock is an element so if you copy the titleblock you will get all the lines, images etc.

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You’re welcome