Sheet location in 3D

I’m trying to extract the location of Sheets in a physical space based on their Views.

eg. if I have a General Assembly drawing at the ground floor level I can extract the coordinates to place a raster of the drawing on the ground floor so that all the elements line up.

My current thinking is:

  • Get all the Sheets
  • Get the viewpoints for each sheet
  • Get the viewport location in 3D
  • Get the viewpoint location on the Sheet
  • Maths to calculate the sheet corners based on this.

I haven’t used Dynamo much for sheets and drawings so it’s a little new to me, any help would be appreciated


Welcome to the community!

That sounds good, I guess you’ll need to compare the viewpoint location to the sheet title block location? And query it’s size?

Rhythm has lots of useful Viewport nodes…

Maybe post back as you are getting along and let us see your progress with a DYN and screen grab :slight_smile:

Hopefully that helps!

Thanks Mark,

I’ll give it a go and let you know

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