Create sheets By Name, Number, Title Block

I was importing from Excel file to create automatically sheets by Name, Number, Title Block. and everything goes well, till the last node, it’s give me “Function” error.

could anyone help me what I have missed, see below Dynamo Diagram

Try with a boolean toggle connected to Refresh, if it doesn’t work you probably need to use List.OfRepeatedItem and Count to get the same amount of Titleblock Types as the other inputs (in your case 27)


I have done the below and works well, thanks man.

However the other options ( Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews) still not solve, you could try and help me how we can do that?

It works the same way but you additionally need a list of Views, those you want to place in each sheet.

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I’m still missing something !,see below, any idea ?


It is because you are feeding the “View” input a string from Excel. You will need to get a list of all views and filter out based on your view title. The element you feed the node needs to have the GREEN text at the end to work for what you are trying to do.

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@omarbsbg I had a similar issue and was able to filter views with Elements.FilterByName (from Clockwork package) as @SeanP suggested.

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This helped a lot but didn’t solve the issue. After running this through, I was able to see the list of Sheets in my Revit File(Out), and then it sorted the sheets from my Excel file into “In”. How do I now take these views and assign it to their sheet?