Getting Titleblock Location and Geometry

I’ve been putting off trying to solve this problem for a while now but now it’s time to tackle it. I’m trying to find a way of getting the geometry of a titleblock into Dynamo so that one can do further calculations on it to then place views and schedules accurately. I’ve tried several different methods, mostly from this old thread, but just can’t seem to get any geometry data into Dynamo directly. Are there any other methods with Dynamo 1.3.2 that work? I’m on REVIT 2017.2.

The example seems to be working with floorplans, but I need to use it for schedules and 3d views. Furthermore, I’m not sure why the view type would have any effect on getting the titleblock geometry but perhaps someone has some insight to offer on this behaviour. In the below images the the watch node is showing the object type into the List First node.

You wouldn’t be able to get the geometry directly from the family instance. You can however open the family in the family editor and collect all the lines (and other elements) from the family document.

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I tried the bounding box method through the link but am getting different results. For this suggestion the geometry is correct but I’d prefer not to open the family editor to get it because the goal of the final script is doing something else entirely and needs the geometry everytime. My temporary solution is as follows but it’s imperfect since more complex post-processing calculations need to get done to align multiple views asymmetrically. It’s much easier to include some non visible geometry in the titleblock and align to that. I’ll come back to this problem later to try and develop a better solution for dynamo 1.3.2.

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Apologies I’m away from my PC… As an alternative indirect method, could you get the min point of the family bounding box (or location maybe?) and use the name to get paper size and orientation? I do something similar with batch plotting…

Sorry if that’s no use :slight_smile: