Read from title block, write to sheet

I’m new to Dynamo, but I really like the possibilities it unlocks.

I have a small problem, but I hope it’s easy for some of the more experienced users in here.
I want to read from the titleblock of all sheets, and update a field in the sheet properties. I’ve managed to get a list were all lines starts with the value I’m after, but I’m stuck at this point.

I have blurred some customer information, hopefully this information is irrelevant.
This is in Revit btw.

Assuming that the Title Block list and Sheet list correspond …

Thanks for your help Vikram!

Seems like they don’t correspond. It was correct for most sheets, but I’m guessing it’s because most sheets are in A1 format.
Is there a way to match the title block of the sheet with the sheet itself?

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Each titleblock has a paramter “workset” which has the name of the sheet it is on, it should be enough for what you need to compile a list of sheets that match your titleblocks

I’ve been reading through the forum this week, but I can’t find a good “guide” for matching two lists.
I also read through the Dynamoprimer documentation.
All information i find that is related to creating elements, points and lines, and I can’t work out how to transfer this information to what I need.

As I wrote in my first post, I’m new to Dynamo.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

what about this:
works only when sheet is visible in active view

Thank you for your solution thurevit3.
Unfortunately this solution would remove the need for the script since i manually have to go into each sheet.
Of course it would remove the human error factor from manually typing in the parameter.

Is there any way to make it run for all sheets?

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Perfect! Worked exactly like I wanted it to!
Thanks a lot!

It’s so much simpler than my attempt :slight_smile:

If someone else wants to use this solution, you will have to install the “Bakery” package to get the “Get Sheet Element from View” node

An alternative - Expanding on my above suggestion …