Model Group Excluded Members

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Following on from here…

Finding groups which have missing elements is easy, but I also wanted to return missing Family Types and their quantities.

It got a bit tricky, let me know if it fails for you…



Group Members Excluded.dyn (214.9 KB)

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Updated with a method which temporarily places a group rather than temporarily deleting it, I found this method returned more robust results.

Hopefully that is of interest.



Modified to utilise dictionaries

Group Members Excluded.dyn (212.7 KB)


Hi Mark. Thank you so much for sharing this. I work recently on a big project with many groups and excluded elements are a nightmare. I wish there was a way to block people from accidentally excluding elements. I found your script very useful to in checking which groups have excluded elements although I made some changes because it wasn’t working correctly for me. For some reason, in our project there are Sketches and SketchPlanesin the groups. Probably they are created when faces are split. Also, your script was very slow because you repeated a process of placing a new instance of a group type for each instance of this group what can be done just once. I’m also combining data differently.

It looks that I can’t upload my amended Dynamo because I’m a new member.Maybe this link will work:

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