Use Dynamo to Find Elements Excluded From Groups and Auditing Groups

Hello All,

I have a floor drain family that was excluded from groups.

This family worked fine originally, however it started to generate warnings concerning missing elements.

I believe the floor drain families becoming “missing elements” had something to do with them being excluded from groups.

Is there a way that dynamo can filter elements that have been excluded from groups?

Are there any packages that audit the conditions of groups?

*steps out of Dynamo land and into Revit land*

Nope. This warning occurs for a few reasons, none of which are related to groups.

Make sure everyone is on the same Revit build and keep up with good mode maintenaince practices. Keep the file size down, regularly purge unused content, audit often, and make sure you are backing up your work (both Revit projects and the families contained in them).

When you get this type of corruption happens you should submit a support ticket so my colleagues and I can get you back on track. Trying to repair yourself or rolling back to a previous version runs a risk of an incomplete repair, where only some of the corruption gets fixed and you find you’re right back where you were before.

For your original query, I believe that Element.Parameters can help narrow down group exclusions.


Maybe this helps…

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Hello Jacob,

Thanks for the reply.

I submitted a support ticket and the corrupt families were identified.

I still have a gut feeling that model groups, missing elements, and excluded elements can sometimes be related.

Overall, I would like to be pro-active about auditing model groups & exclusions.
Model Groups in themselves are very buggy & the way revit treats excluded elements could be problematic.


Being proactive is good, but don’t let a 9 or 10 year old post fool you. Groups, while difficult to manage, are quite stable and can be useful if properly managed.

Glad you’ve got a solution here and that your files are fixed. Just be sure to audit often (when I was still in the field I would do so daily).

Hmmm… I’d love to agree with that, I have a project right now where I’ve had to ungroup and Dynamo the regroup… They were detail groups containing splines and they crashed the file frequently. I can find an old Rvt if you’re curious…

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Yes. I’m curious.

I’d like to use Dynamo to identify high-risk conditions in Model Groups.

Audits are not targeting high risk model group conditions and also:

“If you see a warning asking you to fix the groups, don’t. Fixing the group really doesn’t fix the group. It actually explodes it or creates a new group that is no longer referenced to the first group.”

Some things that are mentioned that dynamo could track are high-risk:

  • splines in groups
  • excluded members
  • Nested groups
    *elements and their hosts not in the same group
    *better to have many small groups rather than few large groups