Delete Element in Model Group


I know the topic of editing group has been discussed on some threads, but I’m struggling to find the solution for this.

I need to delete elements inside a group and hope the deletion is carried through to all instances on that group.

Below is dummy file that use to workout the script and you can see the deletion only occur in one instance of the group, and behave such that the wall that is deleted is excluded from that instance of the group.

Anyone has a solution for this group editing yet?

The real project I’m working on is a major apartment development where each apartment type layout is a model group, and there are tens of groups with hundreds instances of them. Finding a solution of the above will be very2 powerful for us.

Thanks in advance.

When you use delete in the manner you are in your example, this is just doing the “exclude in group” option unfortunately.

Hi John,
Thanks for your response, can you think of a work around?

Next thing I had in mind was ungrouping, edit and group it back. But the problem with ungrouping is it’ll only ungroup one instance also, rather than “edit group” and apply to all the group instances.

Yeah. That’s what I was thinking too. Let me do some trials. Hopefully someone else can maybe weigh in too.

Also, here is more info