MEPover package/ "Element.AddInsulaton" invalid input

I am trying to write a script for adding insulation on pipes and using MEPover package for this
Unfortunatelly, when i am trying to use Element.AddInsulation node - i cannot, because its yellow and telling me that “input is invalid”

How can it be fixed?

It means the input name/type is invalid. This happened with quite a few custom nodes after a previous update. You can either edit the node and fix it yourself or install the latest version of MEPover.

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You can use package DynaMEP

Hey Nick!
Thanks for reply
Using DynaMEP helped to overcome this problem asap.
I was trying to edit the node, but nothing really happened
Is it that hard? Maybe you know where i can find some info on this topic?

Hi Dmitri,
On the red input node change the capital E to a lower case e. Save the custom node after that and it should work again.
Like Nick said you can also update the MEPover package (if that doesn’t work: please let me know , I must have overlooked it then)


Hi T_Pover,
I am also facing a problem with this node.
All the inputs look fine to me. Am I doing anyhting wrong here?

I appreciate the help

Looks fine to me, could you share the revit project for testing?

Sorry for the late reply. it worked fine after updating Revit. thank you again

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